Monday, November 29, 2010

ChurpChurp & Nuffnang

Rmb those days when u watching Astro, and there's commercial break, you will go toilet or switch to cartoon network?

Too bad in social media, it doesn't work that way. Social media ads such as nuffnang makes everyone a advertisement machine in return for profit. Just admit there is tradeoff between your personality and income.

It doesn't harm when u just edit ur html, put some code, and the ads come out, everyone who comes in to your blog have to view the ads. Yeah. It's cool when you cant skip the ads. and nuffnang is consider very mild case compare to other more aggressive advertisement platform such as "pop-up", or "wait 15 seconds before u are redirected" Ads.

Actually something troubles me lately because ever since I used twitter as my social media tool, I realise that many of my followers are actually advertisement. YES, the account is advertisement itself. But this is easy to deal with. I just have to block them, or report them, they are gone!

But not until something like ChurpChurp came out. YES, its from the same guy that gives us Nuffnang.

Not surprise one day you'll read a twitter post from your friend,

"Celcom BB Plan for only RM999 for limited time! Grab it now! #celcom AD:"

You'll start asking... hey wtf? Oh, I'm just makin some money.

Yup, It's legal, It's not painful, and It's unavoidable.

You cant delete your friend because she spam ads from time to time, right?

It's obviously a smart plan, and I can see the trend grow.

But as I said earlier, there is a tradeoff.

Now I hate those ppl who spam ads between their tweets.

Solution? Not yet.

P/S: I have nuffnang ads in my blog, please help me click! (<--------sounds stupid)

I really have.

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