Monday, November 9, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

According to Dictionary, a Treat is an event or item that is out of ordinary and gives great pleasure. Which i say is very practical to treat yourself with some realistic things, which is totally different from a Wish list, which you could wish upon the star for a magic carpet and Doraemon.

I would wanna have a Family Reunion Dinner with all my relatives and family.
I am currently studying in Sydney, 7000-km away from home, which is in Kuala Lumpur.
Basically, i missed my CNY this year with them.
Therefore i would first treat myself a dinner with my family, girlfriend( which is also at KL) and relatives a Family Reunion Dinner! I could meet up with family, play games

I would like to travel to South Africa with my love one. Traveling could be romantic in France, historical in Beijing, but why South Africa?? First, we love animals.
Not just dogs and cats pets, but also the wild untamed exotic animals! Yup, we hate circus lions. We enjoy freedom. Imagine watching zebra crossing the wide savanna. ( i mean real zebras) That's Life.

How fast can u snap a shot with your phone, while the zebras are crossing? You could, but it'll be blurr and tiny with alot of limitations.
Well, treating myself a DSLR camera isn't that over right? So, getting a great shot will be one of my priority in order to share my life to the world through my eyes, with my blog, of cos. I'm not picky in cameras, so any brand would do!

A Pet. Although i have a cute shih-tzu dog in my home, i still want another one. Not just for me, but also a companion for my current dog. Small dogs will do, i'll like as long as my shih-tzu like it!

Get myself a laptop! I'm a frequent user of a computer, so i might have a very high requirement on laptops. Please bare with me.
First, I need a laptop which have own personality.

Then, I'm always going out for class and library, so i need some stable wireless to back me up.

When you are studying abroad, you knows that laptop = your home theater, so i would need to watch HD wide screen, with action sound explosion movies surrounding my room.

I need to play games, and gamers know their best friend is ATI graphic card.

Last but not least, i need a laptop that can perform well in multi-tasking, as i usually use my computers in combos, such as movie+work+game or music+internet+chatting. Performance comes first!

And after looking so many types of laptops, only Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop suits my needs!
1. I have my own personality by choosing the colour i want!
2. Wireless 802.11n connection, so far the best wireless technology.
3. 16:9 widescreen with HD screen.
4.ATI Radeon™ HD 4330 graphics card, best companion for gamers!
5. Intel Centrino® 2 processor which gives 50% more performance!

What's the better reason not to treat myself a Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop?

Treating myself is nice, but treating others is even better!
This code below is a discount given by Dell that allows any of you who wish to get a Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop a RM100 rebate! What are you waiting for?