Monday, March 16, 2009

What is my most unforgettable meal in Sydney?

I remember, when i was first in Sydney, I stayed in a place called Homebush Bay. The first meal was cooked by Foo. It was Lamb Sausage with Rice. A simple meal that symbolize that i'm in Sydney, and it's my first time eating Lamb in my life too. It was unforgettable.

I remember, when Foo and Joe start to learn cooking, many funny things happened. Cooking is not easy, so i leave the job to the Big Men. Mayo Chicken, Steam Tofu, Braised Vege, Fried rice, Cha Siew, and many more that even i cant think of. It was unforgettable.

I remember, every friday, we would go down for a BBQ dinner with a free beer during the cold. We used to stock up the beers. Toohey's, Victoria Bitter, Hahn Premium.It was unforgettable.

I remember, when Marvin and i cook in one fine day, it was a very nice cooking experience. We plan to cook Grilled Honey Chicken, but instead we almost grilled the whole house. We triggered the fire alarm and of course, we failed. Ending up eating Baked bean with Rice, yes, Canned Baked Bean. It was unforgettable.

It was 2008.

I remember, we always went to Flemington for vietnamese food. It was nice, we went there almost every week twice until the owner know what i will order.

I remember, we always eat very late nowadays until there is only one choice left. Strathfield, a Korean town located at Northern Sydney. They are the only one that open until late night.

I remember, those days when we stay at our cozy home, cooking, enjoying the night together which always end with laugher.

It was those days.

It was those days.

Now, nobody touches the kitchen.

Now, we never eat together anymore.

Now, we eat late.

But, I will try my best.

There is only 20 days left.

I will...and, I will...

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